LAW 575 WEEK 3 Business Tort Liability

LAW 575 WEEK 3 Business Tort Liability

LAW 575 WEEK 3 Business Tort Liability

Purpose of Assignment 

Businesses must have a strategy in place to combat tort liability. Through the principles of a risk management strategy, liability can be identified and planned for. In this assignment, the student will learn to incorporate risk management in its strategic plan to deal with, among other things, tort liability. 

Assignment Steps 

Resources: The Legal Environment of Business, Ch. 11: pg. 300-327 

Scenario: In the midst of the ongoing rhetoric and movement to achieve Tort Reform, it remains a reality that business tort liability must be acknowledged and planned for. For this assignment, you are a consultant for a legal risk and corporate governance consulting firm. The board of directors has commissioned you to work alongside your CEO and General Counsel to prepare “talking points” for the Board regarding legal risk and corporate governance as it relates to tort liability for the board, the company executives, the employees, and the consultants.

Prepare a 700-word memo addressing the following:

  • Evaluate its impact on the consulting business in general.
  • Determine its growth in the consulting business and discuss the need for tort reform.
  • Assess its impact on corporate liability under the Alien Tort statute.
  • Explain how tort liability can be reduced through the implementation of the risk management process and include a look at the role and structure of the judicial system and how civil procedure impacts the risk management process.

Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed references.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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LAW 575 WEEK 3 Business Tort Liability