CMGT 410 WEEK 3 Learning Team Project Schedule

<span itemprop="name">CMGT 410 WEEK 3 Learning Team Project Schedule</span>

CMGT 410 WEEK 3 Learning Team Project Schedule

The WBS is the core of a project plan to communicate what tasks are needed and the order of sequence in which they need to be completed to meet deadlines and deliverables.

At a minimum this paper will contain the following:

  • Business requirements document (BRD) that provides additional details regarding the expectations (such as user, system, and functional requirements) that must be met for achieving goals of the project.

Write a 850 – 1,000 word paper on your new findings for the sections due this week.Compilethe sections from weeks 2 and 3 into a single document for submission. The paper mustinclude the names of the students in the team and the sections completed by each team member. 

Create a MS Project WBS Structure

  • Create a Work breakdown structure (WBS) showing discrete work tasks, grouped hierarchically, that helps organize and define the total work scope of the project; include a minimum of 50 tasks/activities including both product and project Management activities.

Submit your paper to the Center for Writing Excellence Plagiarism checker and post the resultswith your assignment.  I realize that it takes a day or so to obtain the results so you can submit this a day after you submit your paper.

CMGT 410 WEEK 3 Learning Team Project Schedule