HTT 250 WEEK 7 Motivation Theories

<span itemprop="name">HTT 250 WEEK 7 Motivation Theories</span>

Your hotel front office has enthusiastic, motivated employees, but also has unenthusiastic, obstinate employees. You are concerned that the level of hospitality is suffering.

Resource: Ch. 13 of Hotel Front Office Management

Answer the following questions based on the scenario:

  • What motivation theories would you apply as front office manager?
  • Would you use the same application for everyone? Why or why not?
  • What programs would you implement to continue to motivate your enthusiastic employees and increase motivation among your less-enthusiastic employees?

Incorporate your answers and create a brief training strategy explaining that hospitality is the first priority.

Include an introduction and conclusion to your assignment.

Post this assignment in 700 to 1,050 words as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

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HTT 250 WEEK 7 Motivation Theories