MAT2051 Unit 8 Quiz (October 2019)

<span itemprop="name">MAT2051 Unit 8 Quiz (October 2019)</span>

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MAT 2051 Discrete Mathematics

Unit 8 Quiz

•             Question 1          Is a graph a tree? Is a tree a graph?                                         

Answers:             a. Yes, Yes.

                b. No, Yes.

                c. Yes, No.

                d. No, No.

•             Question 2          Given a graph with n vertices, what is the minimum number of edges needed to make the graph connected?                                       

Answers:             a. n.

                b. n – 1.

                c. n * n.

                d. n log n.           

•             Question 3          Given the graph below, what type of path is path (A, D, E, C, B)?

Answers:             a. Simple Path.

                b. Cycle.

                c. Simple cycle.

                d. None of the above.  

•             Question 4          Given the graph below, which of the following is a Hamiltonian cycle?

Answers:             a. (A, D, B).

                b. (A, D, B, C, E, D, A).

                c. (B, C, E, D, A, B).

                d. (C, E, D, A, C).

•             Question 5          Given the graph below, what is the total weight of the shortest weighted path from A to E:

Answers:             a. 8.

                b. 5.

                c. 4.

                d. 3.                      

•             Question 6          Given the graph below, what can we further specify this graph to be?

Answers:             a. A free tree.

                b. A rooted tree.

                c. Both a and b.

                d. None of the above.

•             Question 7          Given the following rooted tree (where the root is B), what node(s) is/are parent(s) of A?

Answers:             a. B.

                b. D, F.

                c. D, B, A.

                d. B, C, E.

•             Question 8          Which is a minimal spanning tree of the following graph?

Answers:             a. A-B-D-E-C.

                b. A-D-E-C-B.

                c. A-B-D.

                d. There is no minimal spanning tree.

•             Question 9          Given the following graph, what is the preorder traversal?

Answers:             a. B A C D F E.

                b. D A F B C E.

                c. B A D F C E.

                d. D F A E C B.

•             Question 10        Given a tree with n vertices, what is the maximum number of edges the tree can have?                Answers:            

a. n.

                b. n-1.

                c. n * n.

                d. n log n.