PA600 WEEK 5 P-PLAN Summary Document (September 2018)

<span itemprop="name">PA600 WEEK 5 P-PLAN Summary Document (September 2018)</span>

PA 600 Public Administration Capstone

WEEK 5 P-PLAN Summary Document

Written Plan

Possible Points

Earned Points

Instructions for Completing Plan

Summary Document (due in Week 5) This part of the P-Plan is worth 120 points. The breakdown of points listed below is based on a Word document of 4 to 6 pages, excluding the cover page and reference page, double spaced.**Submit the completed Word document.**

Identify which one of the following audiences you are appealing to: donors, grantors, lenders, or governmental committee


Specify the audience by providing specific names, if possible, of donors, grantors, lenders, governmental committees, and other parties. Explain the importance of these audience members, what they can contribute, and justify how they will help the program succeed.

Identify if your plan will focus on government, nonprofit, or public health management


Update the previous information provided for this portion in the week two presentation. Clearly state which sector your plan will involve. State why you selected a particular sector. If it’s a public health facility, specify the type, e.g., cancer center, PPO, behavioral health center/hospital, hospice, etc.. If it’s a government entity, state the location, whether city, state, or federal, as well as the department, e.g., education, corrections. If a nonprofit, state the type of organization and services to be provided, location and potential name for the organization.

Present your case statement


The complete case statement will detail the mission statement, goals, objectives, organizational history, the structure and the fundraising plan.

Demonstrate evidence of focus with relation to mission and objectives


Show how you have focused on mission, goals and objectives by justifying how the goals relate to the mission, and how the objectives relate to the mission and goals. Quantify each of the objectives and tie them to the related goals. Explain convincingly how the attainment of objectives will promote goal achievement and mission accomplishment.

Demonstrated understanding by using outside resources, which are clearly cited


Use outside sources, e.g., experts, periodicals, books, lectures, videos, etc., that document or support the unmet needs the plan is addressing, mission, goals, objectives, funding and planning strategies.

Includes introduction/conclusion


Present a clear, concise introduction that explains the purpose of the plan and the major items it will cover. Present a clear and concise conclusion that recaps the highlights of the documents with final, persuasive remarks about the success.

Paper is double-spaced


Times New Roman 12 or Courier New 12.



Obvious. Write like a Master’s degree would suggest you should. Proper grammar and English, avoid typos and spelling errors. Avoid slang, jargon, IM style writing, and curse words.

Paper follows APA format


Refer to course syllabus for APA Guidelines for Citing Sources.