programming java project game

<span itemprop="name">programming java project game</span>


Develop a distributed client/server program to play a board game, and describe the design in a report. You are expected to perform this project assignment in pairs. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate the design and programming skills you have acquired during this module.

After starting a client, the user can enter the IP address and port number of the server, and his name. After entering this information, the client will log on to the server. The client will wait for the server to signal that another client logged on. When a second client has logged on, the game can start, or (in case of a game that can be played with more than two players) the clients can decide to wait for more players. After a game has started, the server should be ready for incoming requests from new clients that would like to play the game. Thus, it should be possible to play several games simultaneously on the same server. The game itself could proceed as follows. The player whose turn it is enters a move, taking into account the rules of the game. The client checks the move, and when it is legal, it sends it to the server. The server also checks legality of the move, and if it is legal, it will send this information to all participating clients, who can then update their internal game state. The turn then moves to the next player, who should again enter a legal move. This procedure proceeds until the rules of the game indicate the game has finished. Communication Protocol Your client and server applications should be able to communicate with the respective applications of the other students in your, and one other tutorial group. The tutorial group pairs will be published on Canvas. All students within the same pair of tutorial groups should use the same protocol for client/server communication. The protocol describes which data will be exchanged between the client and the server, and in which order and format. Among other things, the data will contain the moves in the game. The protocol will be determined during a tutorial group meeting in Week 7. More information about how the protocol can be defined is given in Section 7.2.3. Remark It is possible that your tutorial group decides on a client/server-interaction other than the one discussed above, with a correspondingly different distribution of responsibilities between client and server.

these are the requirements for the project , can anybody help?it should be implemented in JAVA