PSYC305 Week 5 Individual Assignment 3 (July 2019)

<span itemprop="name">PSYC305 Week 5 Individual Assignment 3 (July 2019)</span>

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PSYC 305 Motivation and Leadership

Week 5 Individual Assignment 3

Read the case study “Part Five Video Case—Hot Topic: Employees with Passion” on p. 281 of your textbook and answer the ‘Questions for Discussion’ 1 and 2, providing evidence for points you make. For full points, ensure substantive responses to the questions. See rubric below for criteria for full points.

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Rubric (professor has the discretion to change award points as deemed reasonable)

Complete, well thought-out answer tapping into required content, arguments well presented, all parts responded to adequately, all criteria met, no significant errors: 45-50/50

Many points made, but some connection to content missing, one part not answered, incomplete discussion, nearly all criteria: 40-44/50

Some points made, but some connection to content missing, incomplete and/or limited discussion, some criteria met: 35-39/40

Limited discussion, limited points, few criteria met: 30-34/50

Poor in every way, no criteria met: 0-33/50